Joseph Porter
Mr Porter hails from Somerset, where he was born and raised to follow the then traditional English pastimes of trainspotting and building Airfix kits. Initially reared among diesel hydraulics on the Western Region, he moved to London at the end of the seventies, and left the bosom of Mother Railway in order to pursue a career as a drummer in the wicked city.
For some five years he ignored his calling, concentrating upon drumming, and eventually emerging as a songwriter of some distinction. Happily, he found his way back to the lineside, and since 1983 has been touring Britain and Europe with Blyth Power, largely as an excuse to see rare locomotives which otherwise would not pass down his way.
Singing and drumming is all very well, but after ten years or so of writing songs on an open-tuned acoustic guitar, Mr Porter suddenly felt the urge to stand up and play. It was with some amazement that fans of the band witnessed this event, and since he discovered his legs, Mr Porter has been inventing the most bizarre chords imaginable, adding them to his already burgeoning repertoire of A, D, and E, and astounding audiences in folk clubs and back rooms anywhere that the railway will take him.