Better To Bat

Better by far, for Johnny the bright star, that you should keep your head, by accepting the legality of the duly constituted tribunal instead.

Dust on the benches and velvet and varnish
And church bells ringing the hour
To the bolts and the bells and the golden scales
And the prisoner at the bar
And now the Court will rise

Where were you singing this morning my friend
Tell me what were the words of your song
Did they rhyme and scan or were they open planned
Will we sing it as we carry him along
What will the Court decide

To fall before the Lord and lie
To suffer in silence blind our eyes
Is it better to bat than to bowl says I

Tell me where do you think you've been staying my darling
What was the cost of your room
It'll cost me my head and an arm and a leg
And the Devil to pay too soon
And now the court will rise

Then Mr Alderman Mute well he turned to me saying
The like here I never yet saw
He's better off playing to the gallery sir
The best he can hope is a draw
But that's up to the Court to decide

If the Prisoner vows to mend his ways
Then the Court will consider appeal
But the Prisoner held his council fast
And the Prisoners lips were sealed
And the Court was not surprised

But if the Prisoner votes to continue his silence
The Court is respecting his wish
And with the axeman cast and the sentence passed
And the Prisoner's life dismissed
Then will the Court be satisfied

Intro. B
Verse B E F# B E F#
Chorus E B F# B E F# (B)
Instr. 1 E B Abm F#
Instr. 2 Abm C#m Abm F#