Execution Song

The Scapegoat. Into every recording session should be allowed one song to bear all the self-indulgence and gratuitous over-production that the others may be spared.

By firing squad Comrade Vlasova your son's life has ended
But he did not die alone or unattended
For the very stone and mortar before which he was killed
Was fashioned by his comrades' sweat and by their skill
And the very bullets flying to his heart to strike him lifeless
Were the products of his fellow workers' skill as were the rifles
So though in body they may not view his extermination
Yet still for him were present they in their creations

But it was men just like him who were leading him out to the wall
And though he understood he couldn't see why at all

Bound he was in chains who forged the iron
And who but his fellows dug the grave for him to lie in
Nor strangers they who held the guns but workers just like us
And so I know some day they will stand beside us

And he saw the factories packed together
In rows across the world stretching on forever
Chimney upon chimney and day was dawning

For they take them all out as a rule first thing in the morning
And although devoid of life these factories seeming
Only he could see the light there was gleaming
The cultivation of the seeds and the germination
Of the mighty army that is spread across the nation

Come weep with me all you that read this little story
Know for whom a tear you shed Death's self is sorry
A child it was that so did thrive in grace and feature
All heaven and nature seem to strive which own the creature
Years he numbered scarce thirteen when fates turned cruel
Yet three filled zodiacs had he been the stage's jewel
And did act what now we moan old men so duly
As sooth the Parcae thought him one he played so truly
So by error to his fate they all consented
But viewing him since alas too late they have repented
And have sought to give new birth in baths to steep him
But being so much too good for earth Heaven vows to keep him

Last verse Ben Jonson

Verse E A
Chorus D E D Bm