Right Hand Man

You should never commit your name to any document whatsoever, unless you are absolutely positive that the king's son will not effect a restoration and come back and pay you out in blood.

Hand me down the glass again a toast to fare them well
Now the Bishop the Beast and the Barman
All marched hand in hand to hell
And the song of the psalms and the outstretched palms
Will never have striven in vain
If oh to be an Englishman now spring is here again

All of our cups are filled which empty shattered glass about the floor
Where the watchfires burned in circles
Grows the greenest grass of all
And all our fatted calves are killed
and all our meat is lean
Here's Harry God and England all to wipe the platter clean

Cutting off his right hand right hand
Cutting off the right hand the hand that feeds
The hand that burnt and the hand that bleeds the people
The people stared the people cried
The people made their choices
Cutting off his right hand right hand
Cutting off his right hand cutting off the hand that prayed
The hand that bowed and the hand that played to the people
The people stared the people cried
But no one raised their voices
Cutting off his right hand

All my steps are counted now my dancing days are done
And put no trust in Princes
When they outnumber you twenty to one
All my days are restless
All my nights are sleepless now
Since the butcher's boy and the Englishmen exhumed the sacred cow

With all his books of regulations his books which told the law
Laws on protection of property
And lies for stealing more
His pens and ink and cartridges
To censure and to blame
All the files and the notes and the documents
The list of peoples names

All my fingers ached to hold that pen again
All the ink was frozen on the page
All my phrases capped and coined and read again
All my life indentured and betrayed

Now all my fingers ached and longed to win again
The cost of my convictions all defrayed
Let all the empty pockets gather in again
Let all the empty regiments be paid

And all my statues cracked and broken in again
All my stupid epitaphs erased
All my stupid children wondering again
How all my stupid orders were obeyed

Intro. Bb Abm
Verse Eb C#m Ab
Chorus Bb Abm Eb
Middle 8 Eb C# Eb C# F# Abm F# Ab C#