Summer Song

Deep blue evening - that's the time of day. Listen to the music, hearing the coloured folks play.'

Over the rooftops and down the street
They're beating up the beggars to a brass band's beat
Better all the devils that you've yet to meet
Than the devils who live in the flat below you

Bolt the windows and I'll lock the door
There's nobody here in the house no more
Now the devil's gone and driven me over the wall
Piling on the agony more and more

So I'll stop the letters and I'll cut the phone
And sit in my chambers all alone
To all the luck of my draw bemoan

Jack was nimble Jack was broke and now he's gone to sea
He sold his soul for a tarnished shilling
And the same thing happened to me
And it's a long hard summer I'm working through

Beggar on the corner with a bottle of wine
I asked him for a shilling and he told me what the time was
Can't afford to join him so I'll rob him blind
The better my fare to pay

So I'm calling up my brother on the little green phone
Want a short term credit on a long term loan
Message coming back at me no one home
Leaves me only one card to play

Calling up my Mother at the family seat
From Paddington station spare me please
Mother put the kettle on and hide the cheese
Your loved ones come to stay

Pulled into the station and the hounds give throat
And a shilling to my brother in the family coach
There's a pile in the corner where I've hung me coat
The lining's all laid bare

Bowing to my Father in the Norfolk Tweeds
All my sisters gathered round to hear me plead
Until I'm falling on my crupper at the family's feet
My beggary rents the air

Intro. E A B
Verse E A B
Chorus A E A B E A B