Battle Of Nations

If all you're prepared to fight for is the right to party, then kindly go away and stop wasting our time.

Bonaparte walked through the beanfield
As he studied the rolling terrain
He said here's where I'll station my cavalry lines
Over here my artillery train
And here's where I'll raise a pavilion
To keep the foul weather at bay
So the revellers and the jugglers
And the bands can play

He said but sometimes it seems I'm in heaven
It's the way they described it in school
With nothing to do but reflect and construe
And none to talk to but fools
Sometimes I can't be bothered
Sometimes I just want to go home
And leave the empires and the beanstalks
And the standing stones

Able was I
When I thought I was willing and able and ready to try
But the wind blows and the rainfalls
And the sirens cry

When the battle was finally over
The old guard had broken and fled
The peasants looked up from their labours and swore
As I helped them to bury the dead
The emperors army was scattered
And when the soldiers had wandered away
They left the churchbells and the birdsong
At the close of play


Intro. F G C (F C)
Verse C F C G
Chorus G C F G F G C (F C)
Instr. 1 F G C F G C Am F G C
Instr. 2 F G A G