God's Orders

Not about Templars at all, this song is about being in Blyth Power. What do you mean you're impervious to metaphor?

On God's orders to their sleepless desert lair
The knights from their commanderies bore
Cold Christian soldiers seasoned prepared
Standing guard behind me in the campfire glare
Until the gold dawn rose kneeling in prayer

The sand piles twisting shift and heave
There's sand in all our waking hours and sleep
There's sand and flies in everything we eat
And the sand piled horizon is shifting in the heat
Then shaking fades as another day in paradise is burned away
And the white knights wonder why they came

But it's not the sand the flies the heat or the desert smell
Or the chafing of the harness and the mail
But too much doting on the old crusader tales
Have left me somewhere west of Heaven's Gate and too far south for Hell
When I believed that fear and deprivation could make a man out of me
I was taken from behind and undeceived

Do not go gentle unto the light
When you can snuff the candle out and curse the night

Do not go gentle that would virtue find
Or for wisdom seek or beauty in a narrow mind

Do not go gentle unto sin
But caparisoned in armour with a barbel's sting

Do not go gentle to a marriage bed
That seeming paved with roses may be bloody red

Do not go gentle unto that good knight

Cold Christian soldiers disease and despair
Tragedy indifference and distemper share
But on Rhodes thorned rose intent and aware
Of God's orders

Intro. B E A F#
Verse B E F# B
Chorus B E B F#