The Holly And The Ivy

At school, when told the trawler men were at sea in 'peril', I assumed it to be some kind of a boat.

Now the Holly bears a witness fair as another winter falls
We sang to please Our Father as we climbed the priory wall
We sang to praise Our Saviour Christ of a virgin mother born
And begged his grace and favour for the Sisters of St John

We sang to save the fishermen to the merry organ's groan
Six hundred tuneless children sang to raise the harvest home

In the rising of the sun in the running of the deer
In the playing of the merry organ sweet singing in the choir

Now the Holly bears her redback berries down the winte'rs tale
As black widows tempt the children from the hanging Ivy trails
Sunset's tints indifferent sink as stark against the sky
From the bare Elm tree branches the ragged rooks arise

And where ancient feet familiar streets and the quiet pastures trod
I have not seen Jerusalem nor the Holy Lamb of God

Intro. G Em C D Em
Verse/Chorus G Em D G Em C D G
Ending G Em D C D