Going Down With Alice

Glenn Miller, Joseph Porter and Gary Miller

At long last Mr Porter and the Mr Millers have put their heads together and started working on a joint project. Blyth Power and The Whisky Priests go back a long way, and have travelled many miles together. Both band's have similar past histories, and a lot of similar skeletons in their similar closets. Now that both houses have been set in order, what better to do than make a song and dance about it? Going Down With Alice sprang out of an idea almost overnight. Fortunately everyone had piles of songs lying around, so from conception to studio was no distance at all. The recording was all done at the Old Dairy in York, and engineer Phil Elliott did a good job on getting the best out of everyone. When it came to mixing, though, it was a case of 'better the Devil you know', and the tapes were taken off to Fred Purser at Trinity Heights, where he did his thing and made everything work. There was a lot of spontaneity throughout the sessions. Soldier on the Mantelpiece was recorded the day after it was written, and a lot of the arrangements were worked out in the studio, along to the tape, while other tracks were being recorded. Going Down with Alice features Mr Porter's execrable guitar playing in situ, and is an entirely acoustic entity. We like it.