Alnwick & Tyne

Protag Neish, Jamie Hince, Joseph Porter and Julie Dalkin
(Photo by Nich Ralph, taken after Helen had left the band. No photo available of complete line-up)

New band members, new sound, new studio. In October 1989 Nick Ralph took us into Berry Street, where we recorded Alnwick & Tyne. Here we also had the privilege of working with Brad Grisdale, who engineered, while Nick kept us at it until cock-crow. 'It's lucky,' I said to the engineer, ' if we're lucky we'll be finished by dawn.' Alnwick & Tyne was glorious. Sadly, Nick got eaten up by his Apple-Mac shortly after. Midnight went bust. Cherry Red have got the rights to this one too, and it was years before we made a recording even half as good. This won't be re-released until the suit holding the copyright decides it's profitable. Some claim home taping is killing music, but it's not the only thing.