The Bricklayer's Arms
Joseph Porter, Annie Hatcher, Bambi and Jessi Adams

By the time Jessie Adams and Bambi joined the band, the old Wicked Women recordings were mouldering in their graves, and were no longer of interest to any but the most ardent collectors of old vinyl and antique religious artifacts. 'Let's re-record them,' we said. 'Bigger, better, and with keyboards.' And so we did. The cunning ploy of offering a Geri Halliwell CD as a reward to the person recording the most 'first takes' ensured that the CD was recorded in record time. Annie would have won it, but Jessie kept inventing tiny guitar overdubs purely to notch up his total. Rotten cheat. Thanks to Tom Savage at Jigsaw studio, who engineered and produced it, and to his dad for the Marsh Marigolds, which, we are happy to report, survived the trip and are thriving.