Gladly Give To Caesar

Chris Hopkins, Annie Hatcher, Joseph Porter and Protag Neish

The firm never really intended to release this, but after all the palaver surrounding the line-up change in 1998, we were asked by lots of people for a recording of the gig at the Duchess of York. Obliging people that they are, the band complied, and 'Gladly Give to Caesar' was the result. It's a live tape, taken from the mixing desk on the night, and is pretty representative of the band at that point in its existence. No doubt we'll analyse al the gory details surrounding it at some point, but for the time being simply take note of the title, which is a central part of the band's philosophy, and in this instance was inspired by a misinterpretation of the lyrics to 'Goodbye General'. Given the reasons surrounding its release, this is very much a one-off pressing.