The Guns Of Castle Cary

Joseph Porter, Wob, Darren Tansley & Protag Neish
(Photo by Steev Burgess)

The third release on Midnight, Guns of Castle Cary suffered tragically from the decline and fall of Nick's empire. If only he'd been on hand to produce it, it would have been so much better. Never mind. The Gulf War started while we were in the studio, Berry Street again, and we didn't have Brad either on weekdays and evenings. Ooops. Too much input from us band marred the production. This, the first Blyth recording with keyboards, is the last of the Midnight releases that fell into the corporate clutches of Cherry Red. Having said that, given the production, it is unlikely that we'd consider re-issuing it. 'Twere better re-recorded. Look out Jigsaw. Next time we'll be offering Brittney Spears. Available occasionally in second-hand record sales on vinyl and CD.