When Death Went To Bed With A Lady

Joseph Porter

Now this is a turn up for the books. Mr Porter, towards the end of 1998,had taken to strumming a guitar in folk clubs. It is a side of him that some deplore, but those who have actually bothered to follow his progress over the last couple of years are forced to admit that having now come to grips with the thing, he does it rather well. The point is it's a live show, and involves a lot of talking between songs. Not even his monstrous ego is under any illusions about the entertainment value of three chords stretched over two 45 minute sets. So why record them? The firm needed something to send out as a demo. Sadly - or fortunately - the live show has more than superseded the performances on this CD, and it is now somewhat dated. It was offered up for sale largely because when all is said and done it's a good recording of 12 songs which had never been recorded before, and with the band in the workshops undergoing a major refit, who was to know when they might see the light of day. Some of the songs had been sat on the shelf for nearly a decade. Basically, if you like these lyrics, you'll like this CD. Better still, go and see a live performance. Recorded in Leeds in 1998, this is basically Mr Joseph Porter and an acoustic guitar. No overdubs, and definitely no A-flats, as that chord is a tool of Satan.