Sarah Leavington, Andy Morgan, Joseph Porter and Curtis Youé

And so we come to the last of our follies - after which we had Nick Ralph's expertise to teach us a thing or two. All the tracks on this 12" were recorded at the same time as the Wicked Women LP, and suffer from the twin effects of A). Having been around too long and passed their best, and B). Not enough time in the studio. Ixion is OK but Coriolanus in particular lacks the grandeur it possessed on the 'Harry' tape, and subsequently on Bricklayer's Arms.
Mermaid and Cannonade came from an unfinished rough demo and should have been left there. Curtis told me at the time that they were below standard, but we needed to bolster up the 12" with extra tracks so they got through. Cannonade, of course, is from the Brecht performance, and is consequently out of place, not being quite vague enough to pass muster outside of that body of songs. As for the horrible cover of Folsom Prison - that was just tragic!
Still - there had to be a 'single from the album' in those days, otherwise you wouldn't get in the indie charts. F*^%k!