Out From Under The King

Joseph Porter, Annie Hatcher, John Rutherford and Protag Neish

Back at Trinity Heights, the band finally began to be Blyth Power again, after several years' blundering. All of a sudden things went right. There was Fred again, Steve Maden's brilliant 3D artwork, which had been languishing since Karpov got shelved, and most of all, there were no frustrated songwriters with hidden agendas trying to steer things in different directions. From beginning to end, Out From Under the King has the strength of its convictions. OK, there are some hitches - Lord Clay Cross and Owen are too fast and could do with a bit more beef, and Battle of Nations wasn't rehearsed in advance, but most of it could not have been better. Released on CD only, as we finally worked out that cassettes were as big a waste of money as vinyl, this put the band back on track. Alnwick & Tyne with keyboards was what the boss had been looking for. This was all that and more.