Pont Au-Dessus De La Brue
Curtis Youé, Neil Keenen, Joseph Porter, Sarah Lewington and Andy Morgan

Part of Midnight Music's empire spilled over into France, and this, a compilation of singles and B-sides, was issued to introduce the band to the French market. Tristement, Midnight went down before the vinyl left the warehouse, which is why none of the LPs ever went to France, and goes part of the way to explaining why we have boxloads of the things here in the stock cupboards. The title means 'Bridge over the river Brue.' It sounds better in French. Half of the material on this record was released by All The Madmen, who graciously flogged it to us when we started Downwarde Spiral. The rest is in the same hole as the other Midnight releases. Serves us right for being dimboid musicians and allowing ourselves to be outwitted by Office Bound Clots, or OBCs as we like to refer to them. Probably the most entertaining thing about Pont are the photos of the band on the sleeve, as we didn't generally use them. It's worth buying one from us, just to try and guess who is who. There is a version of McArthur at the end of side two which was recorded for The Barman album, but wasn't used, or as the sleevenotes say, 'sauf la 13, jusju'alors inÚdite.' Collectors take note.

Protag Neish, Sarah Lewington, Joseph Porter, Siân Jeffries and Steve Ardcorr