A Rededication Of Pastor Skull

John Rutherford, Protag Neish, Joseph Porter and Annie Hatcher

Some time after the Pastor Skull CD had sold out, the band decided to re-record it, live. The reasoning being that the songs were unavailable on CD now, and that people wanted them. No one in Blyth Power was enthusiastic about re-pressing the original, and re-mixing it was not only too expensive an option, but was also too much of a regression. The logical thing was to record the songs again, and by doing it live, utilising Richard Holgarth's excellent facilities at The Square in Harlow, the project would be affordable. 'It's not the same as the original,' moaned M.Higgins of Croydon. Correct. It's better. The recording is very much a live show - it's ridiculously fast, which is a shame, but that's what comes of having a rubbish drummer who can't count time. This recording, in its turn, has now sold out and been deleted. Looks like we'll have to record it all again.