Wicked Women, Wicked Men & Wicket Keepers

Neil Keenen, Andy Morgan, Joseph Porter, Sarah Lewington and Curtis Youé

Back in the olden days, before NME, Sounds and Melody Maker cottoned on to the fact that Blyth Power was unfashionable, the first LP was recorded. It was December 1986. Joseph had just sacked the entire band, but they were still going to play on the recording. Clearly he had a lot to learn. Any self-respecting dictator worth his salt would have shot them all out of hand. We like the coincidence that 56076 had its Blyth Power nameplates removed around this time, and put onto 56134 instead. It must have been an omen. Anyhow, the band went into RMS studio in Crystal Palace and churned it out. Of mild interest in the wake of this release is the publicity campaign which the then solvent All The Madmen Records paid for. There was this chap called Spike who got paid 400, and in return he blagged interviews with all the music papers. Joseph even got to make an ass of himself on Radio 1's Newsbeat show. Hurrah! Think how much more press we might have gotten if we'd paid for advertising space as well. There were two vinyl pressings. The first had a green sleeve and the second had a blue, and the lyrics were included in a booklet. Mr C. at ATM rejected the original artwork design for the sleeve as it offended his vegetarian principles. Boo hoo. We thought it was funny. When the second pressing sold out, the LP languished in obscurity, until the first in a long line of generous and public-spirited benefactors was rash enough to lend us the cash to put it out on CD. It was thus the first release on Downwarde Spiral Records. To add spice to the re-issue we included a re-mixed version of our first cassette release, A Little Touch of Harry in the Night, which had also vanished into obscurity. This relic was recorded on a 4-track machine in a basement in Hackney. It's one of those things that old punks get dewy-eyed over, and claim we shouldn't have done. "The original's better," we never tire of hearing. "Why don't you release all the new stuff on vinyl..."